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iENSO makes intelligent, connected vision systems for companies that need to embed cameras, image processing, Edge AI, and data connectivity capabilities in their products.

We’ve been doing that and only that for over fifteen years as pioneers, leaders and masters of a global network of design, engineering and manufacturing.

iENSO is focused.


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The innovation iENSO is delivering with our Ambarella-based designs is helping IoT and Product companies scale-up, innovate and win market share.

Ambarella's solutions make cameras smarter by extracting valuable data from high-resolution video streams. iENSO’s CV22 and CV25 Ambarella-based platforms will shorten your design cycles and reduce risks typically tied to high performance embedded vision designs, giving you the ability to build in complex vision Edge AI.

Accelerate your product development, leverage industry-leading system-on-chip tech and lower the project risks for your next embedded vision product.

Industry-leading powerful AI vision processors for the Edge

Ambarella-based camera modules for embedded vision applications


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Ambarella Design and Product Provider

iENSO's products are rooted in 15+ years of camera manufacturing excellence.

We offer a wide selection of quality pre-integrated systems as well as SOMs, MIPI sensors, and lenses. Then, we layer on Edge AI and specialty performance requirements.